Vibrational Energy

Loud noises are heard and felt.Why is hearing such a rich and powerful sense? Maybe because it alone of all the senses has the power to fill our entire body with vibrational energy. We sometimes think of hearing as one of the 'distant' senses, distant because we can use it to perceive things from a distance without having to get too close. In some ways, though, hearing is a much 'closer' sense than even taste or touch.

All the senses gather energy, but only sound can set your body vibrating like a giant tuning fork. Sound is, in fact, vibration. When vibrations in the air beat against the thin skin of your eardrum, stretched tight like the skin of a real drum, it commences to vibrate at almost exactly the same frequency. So the first step in hearing is when your ears internalize and match the external vibrations traveling through the air, and a part of your body begins to vibrate in harmony with the soundwaves themselves.

About the Author

David Gamon, PhD

David GamonDr. David Gamon, one of the original writers at ScienceIQ, studied cognitive science at U.C. Berkeley, where he received his Ph.D. in Linguistics in 1997. He is the author of many popular books about the human brain, including Building Mental Muscle, Use It Or Lose It!, and Brains That Work a Little Bit Differently. His current projects include books about gender differences in the brain, the brain’s construction of sensory reality, and psychopathy.