Biology Facts

The Science of Tears

When was the last time you had a good cry? Shedding tears may be healthier than you thought, and the secret lies in the chemical composition of tears. ... Continue reading

Eye Tear Glands

Microorganisms: Are they really that bad?

We buy antibacterial hand soaps and cleaners to get rid of microorganisms that we don't want around us or our homes, but can some of them actually be helpful? You may think that they only cause harm, ... Continue reading

Penicillin Mold Fungus; a beneficial microorganism.

Hey Nose-Brain!

Sex, food, and smell are linked in our brain by ancient pathways governing appetite, odor detection, and hormones. In fact, another name for the brain's limbic system (a primitive ... Continue reading

The nose-brain, a.k.a. the limbic system, is comprised of [1] the hypothalamus, [2] the amygdala and [3] the hippocampus.

Lionfish Invasion

Lionfish (Pterois volitans/miles complex) are beautiful, yet venomous, coral reef fish from Indian and western Pacific oceans that have invaded East Coast waters. Ironically, this species of lionfish ... Continue reading

More Biology Facts


  1. Batesian Mimicry
  2. California Condor
  3. Cougars, A Jumping Star
  4. Does Your Beagle Have A Belly Button?
  5. Endangered Species - The Hawksbill Turtle
  6. Eukaryotic Organisms
  7. How Do Cats See in the Dark?
  8. How Does The Turtle Get Its Shell?
  9. Is It Sexism or Racism?
  10. Marmaduke and the Taco Bell Chihuahua Are Cousins
  11. Nature's Exceptions to Our Rules
  12. Regeneration 101
  13. The Handsome Betta Fish
  14. The Red-Cockaded Woodpecker
  15. What Elements Are Required By Animals And Plants For Survival?
  16. Where Do Frogs Go In The Winter?
  17. Wise As An Owl


  1. Diadromous Fish
  2. Heady Success
  3. Lionfish Invasion
  4. The Razor-sharp Surgeonfish
  5. When A Bass Isn't A Bass


  1. A Humongous Fungus Among Us
  2. Are Mushrooms Plants?
  3. Ergot, Witches & Rye. Oh My!
  4. The Gingerbread Man
  5. Who Moved My Moldy Cheese?


  1. Cloning and Ethics
  2. Embryo Transfer and Cloning
  3. Genetic Testing And Discrimination
  4. Genome Mapping: A Guide To The Genetic Highway We Call The Human Genome
  5. Microarrays: Chipping Away At The Mysteries Of Science And Medicine
  6. The Dogma of Life
  7. Why Aren't Mice More Like Us?

Germs, Viruses, Microbes:

  1. Bacteria Sometimes Catch A Virus
  2. Bird Flu, Swine Flu, Human Flu
  3. Flu Pandemics in the 20th Century
  4. Food Irradiation: A Safe Measure
  5. How Do Bacteria Reproduce?
  6. How Does Salmonella Get Inside Chicken Eggs?
  7. Life In The Extreme
  8. Microorganisms: Are they really that bad?
  9. West Nile Virus Spreads Through United States
  10. What's In Your Water?
  11. You Can Learn A Lot From A Microbe.


  1. An Invasion of Infiltrators
  2. Wetlands Top Ecosystem
  3. Why Are Zebra Mussels Successful As Invaders?

Human Anatomy:

  1. Did You Smell Something?
  2. Electricity and the Brain
  3. Fahrenheit 100 and Rising
  4. Fahrenheit 98.6
  5. Hey Nose-Brain!
  6. Now You See It, Now You Don't
  7. Splitting Hairs
  8. The Human Pancreas
  9. Vibrational Energy
  10. Vitreous Humor, Sclera and Other Yukky Eye Stuff
  11. We Live In Two Distinct Visual Worlds
  12. What Causes Wrinkles?
  13. What Gives Hair Its Color?
  14. What We Learned From The Songbirds
  15. What's Blindsight?

Human Biology:

  1. A Sweaty Subject
  2. Can You Drink Too Much Water?
  3. How Biological Clocks Work
  4. How Blood Clots
  5. Is Your Immune System Educated?
  6. Leading Killer Wears Two Faces
  7. Neurons
  8. Obesity: How much fat can your genes handle?
  9. Pass the Iodized Salt Please
  10. Potassium Iodide To The Rescue
  11. Proteins Function Through Their Conformation
  12. Proteins In General
  13. Respect Your Nose
  14. The Science of Tears
  15. Water, Water Everywhere, But Not A Drop To Drink
  16. What Are Blood Types, and Why Are They Important?
  17. What Are Stem Cells?
  18. Your Senses Make Sense of Energy

Human Mind:

  1. A Tickle is All in the Timing
  2. Billions and Billions
  3. Brain Waves
  4. Butterflies In Your Brain
  5. Coffee: Beverage Of Sedition
  6. Do Blind People Dream?
  7. Left Nostril Right Brain
  8. Monkey See Monkey Do: Mirror Neurons May Lie At The Root Of Language
  9. Neurogenesis
  10. New Ideas About An Old Puzzle
  11. Our Brains: A Wasted Resource?
  12. Phrenology
  13. Synchronicity
  14. The Blood-brain Barrier
  15. The Developing Brain
  16. The Limbic System
  17. The Self-less Gene?
  18. The Strange Case Of Phineas Gage
  19. The Touching Brain
  20. There's A Lot More To Vision Than Meets The Eye
  21. Welcome to1984
  22. What's So Funny?
  23. Where is God in the Brain?
  24. Which Came First? The Words or the Melody?
  25. Why Are Yawns Contagious?
  26. Why Tree Twig Twine Twists Tongues
  27. Word Power of the Very Young


  1. Are Bees Physicists?
  2. If You're Bringing Cows, Bring Your Own Decomposers
  3. Send In the Lady
  4. The Ants Go Marching One by One, Hurrah!
  5. The Art of Hunting
  6. The Journey of the Monarchs
  7. Throw Out Your Thermometer
  8. What Makes Those Jumping Beans Jump?


  1. Nematodes Are Everywhere
  2. Prokaryotic Organisms
  3. Sex and the Sea Slug
  4. What Is A Coccolithophore?
  5. What Is Coral Bleaching?


  1. Beluga Whales
  2. Gestation Periods of Mammals
  3. Gray Wolf - Canis lupus
  4. Grizzly Bear, (Ursus arctos horribilis)
  5. How Did Dogs Evolve?
  6. I Am The Walrus
  7. Steller Sea Lion Biology
  8. Sweet Dolphin Dreams
  9. Vampires
  10. West Indian Manatee, (Trichechus manatus)
  11. When Did A Cat Become A Kitty?
  12. Will That Be One Hump or Two?

Natural History:

  1. The Great Permian Extinction


  1. Beware -- Red Tide!
  2. Bioenergy Basics
  3. Botrytis: The Noble Rot
  4. Giant Cloned Monster Loose In Mediterranean Sea
  5. GM: Not For General Motors Anymore
  6. How Do Cacti Survive in That Environment?
  7. How Do They Grow Those Colossal Pumpkins?
  8. Is Catnip a Drug for Cats?
  9. It All Started With The Colwart
  10. Luck Of The Irish?
  11. Man-Eating Plants
  12. Palm Trees and Prickly Pears
  13. St. John's Wort
  14. Tea Time!
  15. The Rapid Movement of the Soybean Rust Pathogen
  16. The World's Largest Clone
  17. Tobacco Mosaic Virus
  18. What are Bacillariophyta?
  19. What is Garlic Mustard?
  20. What's The Difference Between A Sweet Potato And A Yam?
  21. What’s So Different About Ferns?
  22. Why Do Leaves Change Color In The Fall?
  23. Why is Red-Green Colorblindness a 'Guy Thing?'
  24. Yes! We Have New Bananas


  1. The Egg-citing Egg


  1. A Creature Only A Mother Could Love?
  2. Let Go, Gecko!
  3. See You Later Crocodile, In A While Alligator
  4. Why Can't We Really Clone Dinosaurs?


  1. Spiders and Their Venom