David Watson

David Watson is the creator of the Flying Turtle Science and Technology Education site. Before founding The Flying Turtle Company Mr. Watson made his living as an engineer and engineering manager. David loves to write and talk to students about things like science, energy, engineering, technology, and air pollution.

David Watson

Science Facts Written by David Watson


Ants Are Wimpy

It's common knowledge that ants can lift many times their own weight. We are frequently told they can lift 10, 20, or even 50 times their weight. It is most often stated something like this: an ant ... Continue reading

Super-human strength?

If You're Bringing Cows, Bring Your Own Decomposers

Living organisms create a lot of waste products. Every year they deposit millions of tons of dead plant and animal matter on almost every corner of the earth - and they make dung, lots of dung. Where ... Continue reading