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The Wright Sister

When you think of airplanes, you may think of Wilbur and Orville Wright. Their early experiments led to the first manned airplane flight 100 years ago. There's another member of the Wright family, ... Continue reading


Sonic Boom

They sound like thunder, but they're not. They're sonic booms, concentrated blasts of sound waves created as vehicles travel faster than the speed of sound. To understand how the booms are created, ... Continue reading


The Sound of Turbulence

Do you ever watch the water tornado that forms in a draining bathtub? Woe unto any rubber ducky floating aimlessly in the vicinity; the water's force will pull it down into the tornado. The center of ... Continue reading

Smoke demonstrates the wakes caused by this jet.

Zeolites: The Secret Ingredient

The next time you notice that your cat's litter box doesn't smell bad, you can thank NASA astronauts. You can also thank them when you see lush green golf courses, or when you use air fresheners and ... Continue reading


High Altitude

Have you ever read the directions on a box of cake mix? There are special instructions for high-altitude baking. Has anyone who visited the Rocky Mountains told you how hard it was to breathe there? ... Continue reading


Nothing Backwards About It

Almost anyone who's seen a picture of the experimental X-29 aircraft will remember it. Its unique wings make it one of the most distinctive aircraft designs ever. Rather than sticking straight out or ... Continue reading


Turning Oil Into Gas

When you see all those cars at the gas station filling up with unleaded, you may not stop to think about how that gasoline got there. It wasn't pumped out of the ground in that form. The same goes for ... Continue reading